Proof Strategies M

A Message from Proof Strategies CEO, Bruce MacLellan

June 3, 2020

After the past week of protests stemming from the death of George Floyd and others, we cannot, in good conscience, continue with regular activities as if all is fine.

Racism is an issue in both Canada and the USA. Human beings can be kind and loving, but they can also be mean, divisive and violent. We all need to do better to lift humanity to our better selves.

We do a deep disservice to ourselves by turning a blind eye and pretending that racism and social injustice aren’t impacting all of us. We care deeply about our colleagues, clients, partners and the community and have a responsibility to stay true to our values and the golden rule of treating each other the way we would like to be treated.

We don’t have all the answers right now and we don’t pretend to. We do know that inaction is not an option. That’s why we are working together to listen, learn and take steps toward making real, lasting change within ourselves and our community.

We will redouble education and other efforts to ensure our inclusive workplace remains a safe and supportive environment for all colleagues.

We are identifying and supporting community organizations with financial donations, including the Black Health Alliance and their work on improving the health and wellbeing of Black communities in Canada.

We will use our social channels to share and amplify the voices of the Black community.

We will be learning about and providing further educational resources for Proof employees, such as hiring anti-racism educators and suggesting other self-directed learning options. We all need to take the time to understand and learn more, and I encourage all people to do the same.  I am committed to listening, learning and taking long-term action.

We hope these initial steps move us towards progress. We support you and hope you find support in one another.


Bruce MacLellan

CEO, Proof Strategies