Proof Strategies M

Creative, Content Production and Design

The creative team at Proof Strategies creates brand-defining experiences that engage audiences in meaningful and expressive ways – by developing ideas that have the power to sell, inspire, educate, inform, or simply amuse.  


Our in-house creative team can help ensure your brand’s visual identity or other creative assets are designed in alignment with your overall communications strategy. We can transform strategic insights and direction into bold visuals that represent your brand values and support your marketing efforts. 

Creative Development

Our creative development team delivers strategic creative that earns audiences’ attention, shifts perception and behaviour, and drives your business forward. 

Narrative Development 

A strong narrative can act as a guiding light for your organization internally and externally. It tells your employees and your customers what you’re all about, and ensures everything you do ladders back to your story. As part of our strategic planning services, we can help you develop a strong narrative that tells the right story, highlights your unique value proposition or clearly places your stake in the ground regarding issues of importance in your industry. 

Integrated Content Creation 

We are on a mission to challenge marketing conventions and recapture society’s attention—through craveable content that cuts through the noise. Using an integrated approach to content creation, Proof Strategies uses social media, thought leadership papers, infographics and more to EARN your audience’s attention and trust. 

Podcast and Radio 

Using podcasts and radio can help you reach your audience directly, from consumers to business-to-business decision makers. We can keep you on top of the latest innovations and trends and help your business discuss these topics directly with your target audiences – through hands-free audio files. There is content out there for every interest and topic imaginable. 

Video Production

Proof Strategies has extensive experience as a digital video content marketing agency whether a five-second YouTube video pre-roll, a 15-second social video, or a nationally-broadcast television spot. If you’re looking to make an impact with video, our team of talented scriptwriters, producers, directors, videographers and editors can create visual content for your brand that breaks through the clutter and helps achieve your business objectives. 

Creative Production

Creative producers manage the end-to-end creative production cycle to bring together the right team to deliver work on time, on budget, and with best-in-class delivery. We partner with clients and are accountable to their business success as stewards of their brand and budgets.