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Issues & Crisis Management

Trust takes years to build but can be destroyed in moments by a mishandled issue. In most crises, speed matters. Choosing the right crisis management firm during a time of uncertainty can determine your outcome. At Proof Strategies, our leading crisis management team can help you navigate uncomfortable events that can negatively impact your brand. Our bespoke crisis management solutions have led us to be recognized as one of the top crisis management firms in Canada. Our digital and traditional PR experts can work together with you on an integrated crisis communications plan of attack.

Planning and Preparedness

Having an established team with the skills to develop a well-thought-out crisis communications plan can significantly reduce your risk. Proof Strategies audits, develops, tests, and refines crisis protocols for every threat with swift and skilful management for any situation.

Trust Building & Recovery

We know that building trust works best with a deliberate design. It is easier to maintain trust than to rebuild it. After an incident, an apology should be accompanied by substantive actions. Navigating debates between legal defence and public reputation can also be challenging. Proof Strategies works with organizations to understand the issues, the perceptions of stakeholders and the business considerations of various options. It’s an intense and dynamic situation, and our experience helps you recover faster and stronger.


Consistent communication has been essential throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Proof Strategies is working with organizations and executives to communicate critical messages to the public, stakeholders, employees and government at every stage. We can also assist you with future-proofing your brand for an eventual resolution.

Reputation and Change Management

Change within any organization requires clear and prompt key messaging from senior management. Our change management communications strategies allow for the correct cascade of information to be delivered to the appropriate internal and external stakeholders. 

Data Breaches

Data breaches are commonplace today, and a stricter regulatory environment has dictated quicker disclosures. From brute force (criminal hacking) to human error, our team has extensive experience creating cybersecurity crisis management strategies for stolen data. We have assisted clients with numerous compromised data situations, including credit cards, credit scores, bank accounts, SINs, phone numbers, and trade secrets. We understand the required communication protocols as dictated by the privacy offices across Canada and can quickly take action when data breaches occur.

Employee Relations

During a crisis, good employee communications play a crucial role in both an organization’s reputation and the continuity of its business. Employees are often the frontline communicators with the public. Creating appropriate communications messaging and a hierarchy of responsibility for internal teams can help instil calm and loyalty. Our internal communications experts bring the latest tools and techniques to support your people and retain their trust.

Executive Coaching

An organization’s most crucial voice through a crisis is its leadership response. Proof Strategies helps leaders relay key facts, alleviate fear and build trust by communicating competence and integrity.

Social Media Monitoring

The ability to understand and react to a crisis is often led through early detection within social media channels. Proof Strategies has a highly skilled digital response team that understands the importance of social media monitoring and the necessary platforms to follow your situation 24/7.