Proof Strategies M

Insights, Intelligence and Measurement

Insights, Intelligence and Measurement (IIM) provides the answers and information you need to make decisions with clarity and certainty – online or offline.​ This includes identifying KPIs and best efficiency metrics; searching, identifying, collecting and validating information from a variety of sources; and conducting primary research where it makes business sense to do-so. This is largely to generate insights for guiding strategy or affirming a change in perception; however, it can also be in service of telling a client’s story.   


The job of a strategist is to find patterns in data, identify competitive advantages and provide focus. This starts with understanding where your company stands in the broader business landscape and digging deep to understand your audience. Our team can deploy any combination of market research approaches depending on your objective, including qualitative and quantitative primary research, secondary research, auditing your brand, competitors and digital channels, and assessing the business, political and communication landscape. 


Our team is skilled in using top tier monitoring tools to help you gather information about your brand and make informed decisions regarding earned and audience coverage. 


We believe that anything that changes can be measured. So long as we are clear on the change we are trying to achieve through our tactics, and how that change ladders up to a business objective, we can demonstrate the value of our actions.  

At its heart, data is not about numbers — it’s about getting answers. We define measurement as both a process and a tool to obtain information that helps us make decisions with clarity. Our in-depth listening and analytics programs, coupled with our tailored approach, ensure you get the information you need in the format that suits your objectives.