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Internal Communications

The way you communicate with your employees is just as critical to your success as your communications with the outside world. As your internal communications agency, Proof Strategies will work with you to build strong, trusted relationships and turn your team into your culture champions. Whether we’re building awareness, excitement or engagement, mapping out a change management strategy, creating a brand narrative or evaluating your communication plans, we can help you deepen the connection between your people and your purpose. 

Trust Building

Build trust from the inside out with a solid internal communications strategy. Our internal communications consultants start by analyzing the state of your workplace culture and where you would like to be. To increase employee engagement, we work with you to identify leaders and culture champions within your organization and train them as your internal ambassadors. Building trust in the workplace also requires reaching employees where they go for information and ensuring consistent messaging across all channels. 

Internal Communication System Development

As the conduit through which you deliver important information, keep employees connected and build relationships and trust, your internal communication system is a critical tool. Our internal communications experts can recommend the right app, intranet or messaging system that fits the needs of your organization, including guiding you through implementation and ensuring widespread adoption and engagement.

Change Management

Top change management consulting companies know that consistent and thoughtful communication throughout transitions is invaluable for keeping your culture strong. Understanding the “people side of change” is essential to delivering the right messages to your internal audiences and maintaining alignment toward your collective success. Our change management consultants can identify where obstacles may occur and how to mitigate them with strategic internal communications solutions. 

Leadership Communication

For leaders, the ability to balance what you say, how you say it and when you say it often means the difference between success and failure. Strong leadership and strong communication skills go hand in hand, but they don’t always come naturally. That’s where our leadership consulting services can help. Our internal communications pros can work with you to improve your skills with tailored training in presenting, stakeholder interactions, writing, sales, conflict resolution and beyond.

Employee Engagement

Low employee engagement can impact your bottom line. Backed by a strong understanding of your team’s pain points and needs, we can develop an employee engagement strategy that ensures they have a clear view of the connection between their daily work and the mission of their team, department and the organization. This can be accomplished through a number of approaches, such as culture surveys and audits, large-scale campaigns, philanthropy, employee ambassadors, culture and change champions and social innovation.

Pandemic Communications

Leaders need to respond to COVID-19. For many, it has caused a significant amount of rapid change. Communications play an integral role in maintaining trust internally and externally through disruption, and the pandemic is no different. 

Every organization needs a strong crisis communications plan. Proof Strategies is an experienced PR firm you can trust to advise you through any kind of turbulence. No matter how the pandemic is affecting your people or your organization, our internal communications team is ready to help you keep your messaging consistent and strong.

Internal Branding

Organizations succeed when they have a clearly defined brand narrative — a story that unites everyone in a common purpose, often crystalized in brand mission and vision statements. Just as great branding rallies consumers around your product or service, it can also rally your employees behind your organization. 

Our internal branding strategy services include developing engaging brand narratives that get employees excited by communicating the “why” behind the work they do. It’s the north star everyone can point to when making decisions and it helps build loyalty and connection.