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Public Relations

Modern public relations is constantly evolving but always adhering to the core purpose of building understanding, earning trust and delivering ethical communications. Our award-winning team understands traditional tactics and emerging communication trends and makes strategic recommendations for programs that help our clients prosper.

Proof Strategies is an experienced public relations consulting agency that delivers creative ideas based upon deep industry knowledge. Our PR consultants have played integral roles in launching new services, elevating international brands and building respected reputations. We make it our job to deliver value and exceed expectations. 

Trust, Measurement & Design

Trust is more than just a feeling. To maximize success, an organization must be designed for trust, and people should be trained in the role they play. Leaders have a key responsibility — but can’t do it alone. 

Our public relations consulting includes training for trust literacy, building benchmark scores and determining key measures of success. We also assess trust by key stakeholder groups and, when needed, recommend repair and restoration plans. The highest trust happens by design, not by accident. 

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership can be a powerful tool for raising the profile of your executives and your organization as trusted authorities on issues that matter to your audience. 

Our thought leadership consulting services include determining strategic content pillars and crafting content for publishing through owned channels. When executed well, this approach can strengthen your reputation in the market and lead to earned media opportunities where representatives from your company are tapped to share their unique insights and points of view.

Media Relations

Leading media relations PR agencies know that Canadians still trust news media as an important source of information that smart brands simply can’t ignore. When news coverage is essential to achieving your business objectives, our team of media relations experts can approach media and crafts stories that engage journalists in a meaningful way.

Community Relations

Strong community relations skills are critical if the success of your product, business or initiative depends on support from specific segments of the population. Proof Strategies is a community relations agency Toronto firms enlist to help identify, understand and connect with niche audiences, nurture trust and increase competitive advantage.

Stakeholder Relations

When an announcement affects multiple vested individuals or groups, proper communication is essential for getting all stakeholders on the same page. Our public relations consultants are well versed in stakeholder relations, including preparing, packaging and pacing communications that will impact various audiences, and assisting clients in ensuring their approach hits the mark.

Coalition Building 

Working together to advance a shared cause can be much more effective than working in silos. Building a coalition with other organizations who share your goals helps present a united front where all stakeholders can benefit. Our coalition building services can help you identify potential collaborators, align on strategic messaging and raise the profile of issues with decision makers. 

Product Launches

Achieving product launch success relies on understanding the target audience and determining the most effective channels and performance measurement. Our product launch PR consultants use a strategy-led approach to build buzz around launches and provide recommendations for maintaining post-launch momentum and building loyalty within the marketplace.

Influencer Marketing

Not all influencer marketing is created equal — it requires a strategic approach and selecting the right influencers who can drive real and meaningful results for your brand, no matter the size of their social media audience. Our PR influencer marketing strategies employ an insight-based approach that builds authentic relationships and earns trust with the right voices who can help you achieve your marketing objectives. 

Corporate & Executive Profiling

Equipped with strategic communications skills and expert media training, the executives at your organization can become your best spokespeople. We can employ a number of tactics to help raise their public profile, including media training, speech writing and coaching.  

Integrated Marketing

Successful public relations can reach new heights when supported by a strategic marketing campaign. As a fully integrated marketing services agency, we offer the best of both worlds. Depending on your objectives, we can plan and develop a strong campaign including any number of tactics including PR, digital ads, outdoor advertising, broadcast, social media and print.