Proof Strategies M

Strategy & Insights

As a strategy-led, audience-first communications and marketing agency, we think creatively to help our clients solve big problems and achieve better results more efficiently. 

When you’re under pressure to make smarter decisions on where to deploy resources and budget, our marketing strategy consulting services ensure your efforts make a measurable impact. Our strategy team transforms research findings into insightful briefs that outline business opportunities, define clear and actionable objectives and state the measurement frameworks through which we gauge success.

Research & Analytics

The job of a strategist is to find patterns in data, identify competitive advantage and provide focus. This starts with understanding where your company stands in the broader business landscape and digging deep to understand your audience. 

Our marketing strategy team can deploy any combination of market research approaches depending on your objective, including qualitative and quantitative primary research, secondary research, auditing your brand, competitors and digital channels, and assessing the business, political and communication landscape.

Brand Planning

Great brand positioning can help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way. By defining your brand’s purpose in relation to customer needs, your brand can truly shine. Our marketing strategy services include helping to establish or re-establish your brand positioning in the market by taking a customer-first approach to planning and delivering integrated marketing programs.


At Proof Strategies, we believe that anything that changes can be measured. So long as we are clear on the change we are trying to achieve through our tactics, and how that change ladders up to a business objective, we can demonstrate the value of our actions. 

At its heart, measurement is not about numbers — it’s about getting answers. We define measurement as both a process and a tool to obtain information that helps us make decisions with clarity. Our in-depth listening and analytics programs, coupled with our tailored approach, ensure you get the information you need in the format that suits your objectives. 

Audience Insights

When you start by understanding your audience, a winning marketing plan writes itself. Our audience-first approach provides insight into your audience’s values, attitudes and behaviours, which informs the messaging and creative approach that drives your marketing efforts. It also helps us understand where your audience spends their time and attention, which informs our media targeting and channel mix.

Communication Planning

Being strategy-led means connecting the dots that separate the right insight, the right plan and the right execution. Throughout our communication planning process, our goal is to clearly describe what job needs to be done, why we’re doing it, how we’ll get there and how we will measure success. Once we have all of these elements determined, the next step is to explore potential solutions through brainstorming, developing creative territories, determining the right channels and identifying partners and stakeholders who will help drive our solutions forward.

Consumer Journey Mapping

An important part of strategic planning, consumer journey mapping identifies and designs experiences to uncover moments that matter to your audience throughout their journey. These moments identify obstacles to overcome and opportunities to make things better. We help prioritize the most important moments (thigh highest highs and lowest lows) to brainstorm potential solutions that can be leveraged in tactical planning.

Narrative Planning & Development

A strong narrative can act as a guiding light for your organization internally and externally. It tells your employees and your customers what you’re all about, and ensures everything you do ladders back to your story. As part of our strategic planning services, we can help you develop a strong narrative that tells the right story, highlights your unique value proposition or clearly places your stake in the ground regarding issues of importance in your industry. 

Identity & Design

If required, our in-house creative team can help ensure your brand’s visual identity or other creative assets are designed in alignment with your overall communications strategy. We can transform strategic insights and direction into bold visuals that represent your brand values and support your marketing efforts.