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Effective marketing and communication strategies need to be audience-first. By understanding audience needs, obstacles, perceptions and behaviours, a winning plan writes itself. 

Proof’s team of marketing and communication strategists translate audience insights into business opportunities that help our clients solve big problems and achieve better results, more efficiently. 

Unified Marketing and Communications 

Proof Strategies is the trusted partner to marketers and C-suite leaders looking to unify their marketing and communications. Our unbiased approach helps break down siloed thinking to solve real business problems which reduces marketing and communications waste and delivers better results. 

Communication Strategy 

Communications strategy means connecting the dots between the right insight, the right plan and the right execution. Our goal is to understand who we are talking to, what they need to hear, and what we want them to do, based on opportunities for the business. Then we explore the best format, channels and sources of influence to bring our solutions to life. 

Content Strategy 

Content marketing is a growing opportunity for organizations looking to recapture their audiences’ attention, where advertising is continuing to be ignored. Effective content marketing satisfies audience, brand and business objectives. Proof’s delivers brand defining content experiences across every aspect of the audience journey. We help organizations effectively plan, deliver, deploy, manage and measure content marketing efforts through our proven approach. 

Brand Strategy 

Great brand strategy can help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way. By defining your brand’s purpose in relation to customer needs, your brand can truly shine. Our marketing strategy services include helping to establish or re-establish your brand positioning in the market by taking a customer-first approach to planning and delivering integrated marketing programs. 

Journey Mapping

A key part of strategic planning, journey mapping identifies and designs experiences to uncover moments that matter to your audience throughout their journey. We identify obstacles to overcome and opportunities to make things better. We help prioritize the most important moments (the highest highs and lowest lows) to brainstorm potential solutions that can be leveraged in tactical planning.