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Trust isn’t just earned. It’s purposefully built.

Building public trust in business is the most defining challenge of our time. That’s why Proof Strategies launched trustlab: a specialized research and consultancy that works with organizations on complex challenges related to measuring, understanding, and building trust.

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trustlab is a research and consultancy firm

We offer the most deeply integrated trust-building solutions on the market today.

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Our Story

After eight years of telling the unique story of trust in Canada through the Proof Strategies CanTrust index, we saw a trend: Falling trust numbers – in the workplace especially – have become part of the narrative year over year. There is a critical need for informed leadership and guidance on how organizations can best build and sustain trust for the long term. And we had the expertise and insights to provide that guidance.

trustlab combines Proof Strategies’ communications expertise grounded in trust, years of CanTrust Index studies, and specialized knowledge and research expertise in trust-building. The result: the most deeply integrated trust building solutions on the market today.

Who We Are

We are trusted advisors, thinkers, researchers, entrepreneurs and communicators. Our principles inform our work and the results we hope to achieve.

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Our Principles

We are clever and intellectually curious. We inspire new thinking, progress and possibility.

trustlab helps organizations unlock their own creativity and agility by helping them build trust.

We are powered by reliable research, quality data and evidence-based processes. Our bar for excellence is high.

trustlab provides the highest quality data available and derives credible insight from direct evidence.

We invest in the long game. We conduct our work as stewards of organizational and societal vitality and have a positive orientation towards the future.

trustlab knows that to be truly successful, building trust must become part of the long-run DNA. We empower people to build and sustain it.

We believe that success turns on knowledge. The more you learn, the more remarkable you become.

trustlab builds knowledge capital and capability through educational initiatives, programming and training.

We make the complex, simple.

trustlab knows that simplicity and structure help drive change – but trust can be complex. We’ll make the process of building trust clear, understandable and actionable.

We have a strong bias to action and aim to lead.

We aim to lead. We take smart risks and learn and build as we go. trustlab runs an agile and iterative process to get you results and actively engages in contributing to trust knowledge and practice.

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