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Crisis Management

A crisis can build slowly from a simmering issue or explode suddenly from an unexpected event. The fallout can damage everything from morale on the front line to results on the bottom line, with reputations, careers and your organization’s future at stake. Choosing the best crisis management firm can determine your outcome. At Proof Strategies, our experienced crisis management experts are available 24/7 and work with the c-suite, legal counsel, insurance companies, security firms, boards of directors and public figures to navigate all forms of reputational risk. We marry decades of crisis experience, deep knowledge of trust and innovative intelligence-gathering technology to detect, protect and correct reputational threats.

Crisis Preparedness & Planning

No organization is immune to a public relations crisis. Planning and preparation can mean the difference between a rapid and effective intervention and a chaotic and mismanaged disaster. Our crisis management team has worked with clients in every sector to prepare for virtually any scenario. We identify risk, create and stress-test plans, run simulations and optimize protocols. Our skilled media trainers, many former journalists themselves, equip spokesperson to stay calm and deliver with confidence and clarity under fire. You can’t control the future, but we can help you prepare to manage it.

Threat Detection and Monitoring

Modern risks call for modern solutions. Unexpected flashpoints may keep leaders up at night, but it is the issues lurking under the surface that are today’s most sinister reputational threat. Often undetected, these movements can erupt when combined with changing current events, evolving societal expectations and social media platforms that can magnify and amplify a story in minutes. Proof Strategies uses sophisticated social media monitoring technology to track, assess and forecast the velocity and reach of threats – often before they surface. Using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, we assess what is being said, by whom and how fast the message is travelling to inform responses with speed and precision.   

Crisis Management Services

Even the best laid plans get tested. Our team of strategic crisis counsellors bring expertise in public affairs, government relations, media relations, social media, research and data analytics to confront and mitigate any crisis. Our team has helped organizations successfully navigate data breaches and cybercrime, pandemic response, product recalls, labour disruptions, government inquiries, hostile takeovers, workplace issues, layoffs and closures, disasters, industrial accidents and more. Often, this involves marrying traditional approaches such as media and stakeholder relations with the rapid deployment of digital assets where the crisis is unfolding fastest. Our crisis management team has the technology, strategy and experience to win your battles, wherever they are waged.

Trust Resilience & Recovery

Trust is the new currency that determines success or failure today, including before or after a crisis. Research shows that organizations with high trust levels are more resilient before a crisis and recover faster afterwards. Deliberate, skilled approaches, from stakeholder research and consultation to online reputation management services, can build, protect, repair and rebuild trust. Our trust counsellors bring decades of experience in business, government and the media, and together with colleagues at our research and consultancy firm Trustlab, work with leaders and teams before and after a crisis to build resilience and accelerate recovery. With thousands of data points on the state of trust in Canada, our annual CanTrust Index underpins our commitment to trust building, and our deep knowledge of how to do it. As Canada’s best crisis management firm, we believe if you aren’t actively building trust, you’re probably losing it.

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