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Our 2021 CanTrust Index is here. We’ve examined how the COVID-19 pandemic has uniquely impacted trust levels among Canadians. 2021 is a year that could fuel further mistrust or be an opportunity to build trust. Learn more and download the full report.

Ask Better Questions™

For leaders responsible for managing, protecting and building organizations and brands, Proof Strategies is the public relations and communications partner that “asks better questions” to uncover insights, build trust and achieve success.

Our curiosity drives us to Ask Better Questions™ of ourselves and our clients. We believe anyone can ask questions, but few ask the right ones. Better questions change how we approach your business challenges. Better questions allow us to develop insights, strategies, and programs that foster relationships and drive tangible business outcomes. Proof Strategies asks better questions because they lead to better answers.

We operate from four offices across North America – Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Washington, DC – and look forward to hearing from you.

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Focusing on business objectives that matter, we identify, analyze, and understand client challenges and audiences. We develop strategies, creative communications and digital solutions that show impact through evidence and measurement.

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Government Relations

Government decisions have the potential to impact your bottom line, and quickly. Without active representation at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, you will find yourself left behind.

CanTrust Index

The Proof CanTrust Index is a leading source of research and understanding of trust in Canada. We study and analyze topics, events and population segments unique to Canada – Quebec residents, newcomers to Canada, seniors, political party supporters and where people reside.

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Trust is more critical for business now than ever. Trustlab combines advanced research capabilities with decades of strategic communications experience to advance the knowledge and practice of trust-building in Canada.

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