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Our curiosity drives us to Ask Better Questions ™ of ourselves and our clients. We believe anyone can ask questions, but few ask the right ones.

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Our 2021 CanTrust Index is here. We’ve examined how the COVID-19 pandemic has uniquely impacted trust levels among Canadians. 2021 is a year that could fuel further mistrust or be an opportunity to build trust. Learn more and download the full report.

For leaders responsible for managing, protecting and building organizations and brands, Proof Strategies is the public relations and communications partner that asks better questions to uncover insights, build trust and achieve success.

Better questions change how we approach your business challenges. Better questions allow us to develop insights, strategies and programs that foster relationships and drive tangible business outcomes. As curious problem-solvers, we are driven to ask better questions of ourselves and our clients because they lead to better solutions.

Proof Strategies is an independent Canadian public relations agency that operates from four offices across North America, including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Washington, DC, where our strategic thinkers are ready to answer your questions and find the best approach to achieving your objectives. 

We’d love to tell you more about what sets us apart from other PR agencies — let’s chat.

Proof Strategies has been recognized with Caring Company Certification for 2022 by Imagine Canada. We are stepping up with more donations and volunteer support than any other time in our history. It’s the right thing to do!

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With your business goals as our north star, we are a communications agency that starts by putting ourselves in your audience’s shoes. By identifying, analyzing and understanding who they are and the challenges they face, we have a clearer picture of where your organization can capture their attention and add the most value. With the right mix of marketing strategy consulting, creative problem-solving, corporate communications services and digital solutions, we can drive measurable impact.

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Government Relations

As your trusted GR advisors, we can support you in taking a more active role in shaping meaningful relationships with decision-makers at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. Our government relations services are always rooted in effective and ethical strategies that respect these delicate nuances and regulations. We guide our clients through the intricacies of the policy-making and political process, from relationship building with senior officials to appearances at committees to the mobilization of grassroots advocacy.

Crisis Management

At Proof Strategies, our experienced crisis management experts are available 24/7 and work with the c-suite, legal counsel, insurance companies, security firms, boards of directors and public figures to navigate all forms of reputational risk. We marry decades of crisis experience, deep knowledge of trust and innovative intelligence-gathering technology to detect, protect and correct reputational threats.

Public Affairs

With our government relations consulting services, you can feel confident that your interests are well represented at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. Our veteran team of government relations experts and skilled communicators bring decades of political and policy-making experience. We apply our deep industry knowledge to build government relations strategies that create meaningful relationships with decision makers and influencers.

CanTrust Index

Communicating to build trust is at the core of everything we do. We believe that understanding and building trust helps business, society and democracy. That’s why we study it in depth every year in our Proof Strategies CanTrust Index, which has become a leading source of research and understanding of trust in Canada. It’s a made in Canada study, including research and analysis on topics, institutions and population segments that are distinct to our country.

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As trust in businesses and institutions fluctuates more than ever, having a firm grasp on what it means to build trust is critical to success. Trustlab is our trust-building consulting and training service that weaves into our decades of strategic communications experience to advance the knowledge and practice of building trust.

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