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Harnessing the Power of the Purr to Launch an Innovative Cat Treat




Fancy Feast Savoury Cravings was launching into the competitive pet treats market with a premium-priced product in the middle of the affordability crisis. We needed to find a clear way to create brand affinity and distinction.


A cat’s purr has proven healing powers, including stress reduction, something weary and worn-out Canadians truly needed. And the happier the cat – the more powerful the purr.

Approach: The Power of the Purr

An integrated campaign celebrating the soothing powers that come from our feline friends. Centred around a purrfect playlist created by Grammy-award winning Canadian producer Nineteen85 and featuring the purrs of cats who’ve enjoyed new Savoury Cravings. 


Our campaign, supported by 21M impressions, drove a 276% increase in traffic to and got people talking with a 17.25% engagement rate with our influencer content (compared to industry benchmarks of 1.5%).


Winner of multiple industry awards, including:

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