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CanTrust Index

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The Proof Strategies CanTrust Index

The annual Proof Strategies CanTrust Index, now in its ninth year, is a leading source of research and understanding of trust in Canada. We tell a uniquely Canadian story, studying and analyzing topics, institutions, events and population segments across the country.

The Full 2024 Proof Strategies CanTrust Index


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Key Insights from the 2024 CanTrust Index



say the economy has increased anxiety and stress in their lives, compared to 46% in 2022 who reported feeling anxiety and stress from COVID-19.



trust artificial intelligence to contribute to the economy – a 6% drop from 2018, when trust was at 39%.



trust the federal government to deliver affordable housing. Equally low, 23% of Canadians trust their province and municipality to operate affordable housing.

Summary of Findings

Past Reports

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