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Purpose, Powered by People

An illustration of five people holding up three puzzle pieces, one with a question mark, one with a bar graph and one with a lightbulb. Three people are holding up the puzzle pieces, and another person is pointing to one while another looks up at them with a telescope.

Our Story

At Proof Strategies, we’re obsessed with people. How they think, who they trust, what matters to them and how to connect with them. It’s what drives us to Ask Better Questions™, developing insights and strategies that create authentic connections with audiences and long-lasting success for our clients.

30 Years
of being proudly independently owned

~300+ Awards
for client work and industry leadership

international markets reached

2 countries
across North America

175+ Proofers
driven by

6 Core Values


Living by our corporate values takes commitment. We work at it every day. Beyond these six values, we have commitments to create positive impact for people, planet and community and equity, diversity and inclusion. Visit our 2024 Impact Report to learn more.


Excellence isn’t about gold stars or industry recognition. For us, real excellence is in how we serve, counsel and deliver meaningful and measurable results for our clients. It’s a commitment to giving our best to our people, our partners and our community.


Empathy is the foundation of how we connect with each other, our clients and the public: by asking questions, genuinely listening, and deeply understanding audiences. Proofers seek to understand and encompass people’s perspective or circumstances, even when they challenge us.


Ask Better Questions™ is in our DNA. It fuels a constant desire to learn, improve and discover more about each other, our craft, our clients’ challenges and our world.


Envisioning new approaches, seeking other perspectives and different ways of doing things to add new value. Test, tweak, learn and share. A passion for exploring ideas big or small to help us evolve. Being nimble and entrepreneurial to create growth.


Equity, diversity and inclusion, simply put, cannot just be lip-service. We hold all Proofers – especially our leadership team – accountable to actively and intentionally engage all people in all their identities in order to foster belonging, purpose, safety and respect.


We believe in acting with honesty and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. From our day-to-day interactions to our broader sustainability initiatives, you’ll find a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles. Visit our 2024 Impact Report to learn more.

Land Acknowledgement

Proof Strategies acknowledges that we meet and work on the traditional and ancestral lands of many Indigenous groups across Turtle Island, including First Nations, Inuit and the Métis, who are the original caretakers of this land.

We are committed to actioning reconciliation, and adhere to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action number 92, which calls upon the corporate sector in Canada to: create policies and frameworks that build and ensure respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples; and educate staff on the history of Aboriginal Peoples, including the harms of colonial industrial institutions, also known as residential schools.

Over time, the stories, cultural practices, and histories of Indigenous Peoples have been silenced and misrepresented by the legacy of colonization efforts. As a business whose vision is to advance how people listen, understand and share stories that have impact, we have a responsibility to find new ways to learn from Indigenous Peoples and the knowledge they hold, and amplify their voices in culturally appropriate and respectful ways.

We recognize the ongoing resilience and contributions of Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island and strive for reconciliation, understanding and meaningful collaboration as we work towards a more just and equitable future for all.

Our Leadership Team

Our senior team members are hands-on, working with clients and bringing decades of experience to solving business challenges. There is no substitute for the experience they possess and the examples they set.

Vanessa Eaton


josh cobden

Josh Cobden

Executive Vice President

melody gaukel

Melody Gaukel

SVP, National Lead, Public Affairs & Government Relations

jennifer zeifman

Jennifer Zeifman

SVP, National Lead, Health & Wellness

andrew kinnear

Andrew Kinnear

SVP, National Lead, Unified Marketing Communications

bunmi adeoye

Bunmi Adeoye

SVP, National Lead, Consumer & Technology

David Gollom

SVP, National Lead, Corporate & Financial

Sarah Cody

Creative Director

Matt Trojan


silview letendre

Silvie Letendre

President & General Manager, Montreal

miriam lauzon

Miriam Lauzon

SVP & Co-General Manager, Montreal

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