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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Proof Strategies supports equity, inclusion, and diversity, in our business and our community. Rooted in our values as the right thing to do, over time these priorities have become more formalized and embedded throughout our culture and procedures.

Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion commitment is focused on six pillars:

Workplace policies and culture: We are committed to researching and adopting best practices in the workplace by engaging expert advice, supporting employees and involving senior management.

2021 activities and results:

Employee recruitment and advancement: We are taking active and deliberate steps to increase team diversity, and leading and supporting industry efforts to attract more diversity to our profession via training and recruitment.

2021 results and activities:

Training and education: We are providing training and education and increasing the diversity of guest speakers; encouraging peer-to-peer sharing; and providing financial support and time for employees for independent learning. 

2021 results and activities:

Community support and philanthropy: We are providing financial support and social media amplification to organizations that advance EDI and are donating to foundations and educational institutions for scholarships targeting BIPOC students and those in financial need who aspire to public relations careers.

2021 results and activities:

Benchmarking and measurement: We are participating in surveys to establish benchmarks for employee diversity and workplace experience, setting goals for improvement and tracking and reporting progress through our EDI journey.

2021 results:

Leadership: We are advancing EDI within the PR profession through philanthropy, advocacy, thought leadership, and tangible EDI commitments and pledges.

2021 results:

We view our approach to EDI as an evolving journey, not a destination, and we are committed to listening, learning and continuous improvement.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Definitions

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion terms are open to different meanings and interpretations. Common definitions at, and for, Proof Strategies strive to create a culture that connects the workforce and supports the open and active sharing of ideas and diverse perspectives. These definitions set expectations across all levels and reinforce them as integral values to the organization.

The following were created by senior management and our EDI Employee Resource Group, with support from Jodie Glean of REACT Consulting. These terms will be collaboratively revisited and revised, and more terms may be added.

Equity: The ongoing intentional and systemic approach to remove historic and current barriers for equity-seeking groups. It requires our organization to apply specific programs, policies and practices to support fair and just access to opportunities and outcomes for all.

Diversity: The different social, cultural and political identities of individuals (e.g., race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, nationality, religion, language, age, body size, socioeconomic status) and their worldviews, practices, experiences and knowledge.

Inclusion: The active and intentional engagement of people in all their identities that fosters a sense of belonging. This engagement is grounded in respect, and all members of the organization are recognized as valued contributors. (Adapted from Humber College EDI Definitions)

Belonging: The sentiments of welcoming and acceptance within an organization. Our interests, motivation, mental health, safety and satisfaction are inextricably tied to the feeling that we belong to a greater community that may share common interests and aspirations.

Accessibility: The degree to which our physical structures and organizational culture are (re)designed to enable the full, meaningful, and equitable engagement of all members of the workforce and the communities the organization serves. It includes and accounts for physical, financial, sensory, social, and language-level access. (Source: University of Alberta Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan)

Intersectionality: The understanding that individuals encompass many identities (race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, nationality, religion, language, age, body size, socioeconomic status) and that these identities do not exist separately or in isolation from each other. Intersectionality focuses on how multiple, interwoven identities shape experiences of social belonging in our work environments. (Source: University of Alberta Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan)