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Get Back to Nature

Emily Wilch

Carrying Sustainability Efforts into Employee Programs

Today, Earth Day, reminds us again of the significance of prioritizing our planet. Last year, Canada witnessed massive wildfires in almost every province, causing a blanket of smoke that covered many parts of the country and into the US. Extreme weather also caused flooding and droughts, among other ecological problems.  

Yet climate change is not simply an environmental concern; it is now a pressing health crisis. As our planet warms, we’ve seen the health impact from the spread of invasive species and parasites like Lyme-carrying ticks to air quality concerns and unprecedented and dangerous heat waves making air conditioning less of a luxury and more of a survival aid.  

On an individual level, I try to find ways to reduce my carbon footprint by making sustainable choices for my home and teaching my kids about the importance of protecting our planet. Working at a company that upholds the same values on environmental sustainability has become increasingly important to me.  

Standing Up for Sustainability

Proof Strategies has always been a corporate leader in sustainability, adopting solutions and choices for our business that help address the root causes of climate change. From company-wide initiatives to changes in our daily processes, our firm has made environmental sustainability a priority. For example: 

Our commitment to environmental sustainability doesn’t stop there.We also carry this commitment into our corporate culture. Employees are provided with an annual Nature Day, one paid day off to spend time in nature. What I love about this initiative is not only the opportunity to recharge in nature, but it reminds us of why it’s so important to protect it. 

Another bonus is that Nature Days are good for your health. By getting outdoors, you may notice health benefits, including increased energy levels and concentration, reduced stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and improved sleep.  

Nature Days in Play

Many of us at Proof Strategies have found unique ways to reconnect with the great outdoors on our Nature Days. No matter where colleagues go or what they see, they all reap the benefits. A few Nature Day experiences from the past year include: 

“I went on a canoe trip on the beautiful Georgian Bay. Though I’ve been canoeing since childhood, each trip brings something new and exciting. Whether it’s spotting bears or dodging poison ivy, nothing beats soaking up the summer on the Canadian Shield.”

  • Maddy Porter, Associate Account Director 

“I took my dog for a hike at Preservation Park in Guelph – not only do I enjoy the time to get outdoors, but my pup loves the extra exercise.”

  • Jill Pastirik, Account Director

“I visited the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington with my sister [also a Proof employee] where we hiked around the arboretum and were suddenly surrounded by a group of eight deer who were oblivious to our presence.”

  • Nicole Crichton, Accounting Analyst

“I went to the Toronto Zoo with my family. It was a beautiful day, and we immersed ourselves in a natural world while learning about different animals – the big cats were the highlight!”

  • Stephanie Turner, Senior Account Director 

“I got to visit Oastler Lake for a camping trip with friends. It was a great opportunity to enjoy the beginning of summer and experience one of Canada’s beautiful provincial parks.”

  • Spenser Maki, Consultant   

“I headed outdoors with my partner in December. We hiked through the forest at Boyd Conservation Park where we observed lots of wildlife, including coyotes, rabbits and a deer.”

  • Michel Figueredo, Account Coordinator  

Protecting our Earth requires ongoing commitment. By encouraging employees to get out and enjoy natural ecosystems, companies create another way to contribute to the solution.