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Harnessing Trust In Bloggers

Jennifer Zeifman

Insights into Influencer Marketing in Canada

On April 19th the second annual CanTrust Index was released, providing a snapshot of how Canadians’ trusts in leaders, industry, and sources of information have changed over the past year.

When diving into the data to look at the world of digital influencers and bloggers, the 2017 CanTrust Index indicates that as a nation, Canadians’ overall trust in “bloggers you follow” declined slightly, coming in at 29% (down five points from last year).   The combination of an overall increase in influencer marketing, fake news, and updated Canadian advertising standards mandating that influencers clearly disclose their endorsements on social media, likely all contributed to the decline in this trust score.

It’s possible that the use of #ad, #sponsorship or other such terms are having a negative effect on trust as they could imply to some readers that the content or endorsement is not authentic.   Some may not have known that this type of sponsorship was already happening.

However, when looking at Canadians who are daily users of social media, their trust scores as they relate to blogs/bloggers they follow are significantly higher than the national average.  For example, 47% of daily Instagram users, 40% of daily YouTube visitors and 34% of daily Facebook users have a high level of trust for blogs/bloggers they follow compared to the national average of 29%.

A few other interesting points from the CanTrust Index:

So, how can marketers use the insights generated through this data to their advantage?

Bottom line:  Do your homework to understand where your customer’s attention is and who is influencing their opinion. Then select the right influencers who are naturally aligned with your organization’s brand and values.  By doing so, you will be better positioned to create authentic shareable content and earn/maintain the endlessly valuable element of trust.  You can learn more about the 2017 CanTrust Index findings and download the full report.