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We’re Working and Building Trust during COVID-19

Bruce MacLellan

A message from Bruce MacLellan, CEO at Proof Strategies.

Our ongoing pandemic responses and support for clients

Team members across the entire Proof family of companies began working from home on March 16. We are in this together and I am proud of the stories I’m hearing of how people are rolling up their sleeves to work together.

This is not business as usual and we are remaining flexible to support each other and our clients, and to stay healthy.  We are in an uncertain and stressful time.

Communicate to build trust

Our teams are busy supporting clients in ways that are tailored to the needs of each organization. We’re providing daily reports, monitoring government and helping to plan during this crisis and the recovery to come.

Times like now are a moment of truth. Successful organizations will make decisions and communicate to audiences in ways that build trust.

Competence-based trust and integrity-based trust are both critical, but integrity-based trust will be the key to management success in this pandemic. When employees are asked if they trust their employer to “do the right thing” – it is a reflection of values, morals and character.

Competency-based trust means communicating competently and effectively (being clear and consistent) and providing information that is reliable, credible and timely.

In our 2020 CanTrust Index survey of Canadian employees, 63% of respondents are willing to trust their company to operate competently and effectively. As well, 62% of Canadian employees are willing to trust their company to do the right thing. These are the benchmark.

It is also important to know there are distinct values in our unique Canadian form of trust. Global narratives about trust are just not applicable. Our data is showing consistently high levels of trust in public services such as schools and hospitals because they are performing in accordance with our Canadian values. Our high numbers of newcomers show higher levels of trust and raise the national average.

Our leaders at Proof would welcome an opportunity to talk further and can be reached at or (416) 920-9000.

We’ll continue to do the right thing. Exceptional times call for exceptional measures. We will monitor the situation closely and follow the latest advice from health authorities.

Stay healthy and take care.