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There’s No Timeframe On Being Green

Michelle Titus

It’s a 365-day commitment.

As my colleague has previously shared, “most PR professionals will tell you: timing is everything in PR.” We regularly work with clients to identify the right (and wrong) timing, which in many cases involves determining a timely hook to give relevance to an announcement, story or event. So, it should come as no surprise that special days and months (e.g. International Women’s Day, Seniors’ Month) can come in handy. But, like anything there’s a flip side to that coin: while they can provide a reason to talk about something now rather than later, they can also result in the topic being ignored or neglected at other points throughout the year.

Every April (Earth Month), we are reminded about our impact on the environment and changes we can make a positive difference. But, what happens when May 1st comes?

The good news is that Canadians care about the environment. A recent survey commissioned by our long-standing client and Canadian’s leading green energy provider – Bullfrog Power – found that the majority (57%) of Canadians think the country should be doing more to address climate change, with Millennials being the most passionate about this issue (71%). But, Canadians also acknowledge that in order to make stronger commitments and address climate change, it needs to be a collective effort by individuals, businesses, and government.

At Environics Communications, we understand the importance of leading by example, and practicing what we preach. This Earth Month, with my fellow Green Committee members, we are proud to share our Green Story – a commitment that began years ago and continues to be a priority today.

Not only are there are company-wide actions in place such as ensuring including that Environics Communications remains carbon neutral (which we’ve been since 2008!), our company culture also reinforces individual measures to be more environmentally conscious. A recent survey of the Toronto team revealed that 83 per cent of us travel to work in a green-friendly way and 88 per cent use reusable water bottles at work to reduce plastic in recycle bins. We also have a Bike Rebate Program that contributes to the cost of a bike used for commuting that 15 per cent of employees are already using or plan to use in the near future. We know that small changes can have a big impact.

We also know that a business’ decision regarding environmental commitments can impact their bottom line. Consumers are the savviest they have ever been and as a result, they expect more from businesses. Companies have the opportunity to step up, and at Environics Communications we pride ourselves in helping clients do just that.

So, while Earth Month provides a great reminder to take a step back and consider your personal and professional impact on the environment, let’s remember: it’s a concerted effort all year long, with a part for everyone to play.