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Sarah Cody

Creative Director

With over a decade’s experience in advertising, marketing, and communications, Sarah’s creative approach is anchored in the belief that effective marketing campaigns don’t exist in a vacuum. They exist in — and are informed by — the real world. And that’s how they succeed. 

As a fierce advocate for audience-centred and insight-driven creative, Sarah brings a multi-disciplinary approach to creative thinking and leadership, making her a passionate advocate for work that is data-driven, results-oriented, and collaborative. Her focus is on integrating data, technology, testing, and strategy into the development of creative marketing campaigns.

Blending results-driven thinking with a keen ear for authenticity, storytelling, compassion, and humour, Sarah has helped develop effective communications strategies and campaigns for prominent brands across a wide range of industries, such as Allergan Aesthetics, Leon’s, Electro Federation Canada, President’s Choice Financial, WD-40, and more.