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CanTrust Study of Black Canadians

For seven years, Proof Strategies has measured the unique story of trust in Canada. In 2022, we engaged On Point Insight, a Black-owned and operated research firm, to conduct the first CanTrust Study of Black Canadians. We commissioned this study to understand and share the differences in trust between Black Canadians and the general population, advance our EDI commitment and continue important discussions on anti-Black racism in Canada.


The CanTrust Study of Black Canadians was conducted from January 4-13, 2022 and surveyed 311 Black Canadians. This sample is representative of population statistics by region, age and gender. To conduct our survey, we used a seven-point scale, with seven being the highest indicator of trust and one being the lowest. Respondents who chose seven, six or five resulted in the percentages of trust used in this report.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The corporate sector has a lot of work to do to grow trust with Black Canadians. An almost unanimous 90 per cent of Black Canadians agree that corporations have a responsibility to address racism while only 38 per cent trust that corporations are doing it.

To build trust, commitments to diversity and inclusion are important. According to the CanTrust Study of Black Canadians, 70 per cent of Black Canadians say they are more likely to trust brands and companies that commit to diversity and inclusion policies, compared to 54 per cent of the general population.


of Black Canadians

are more likely to trust brands and companies that commit to diversity and inclusion policies

Stress, Anxiety and Trust

Our full 2022 Proof Strategies CanTrust Index reveals striking correlations between stress, anxiety and trust.

Canadians who felt stress and anxiety about the pandemic when it started but now feel better are showing higher trust levels, compared to the almost half (46 per cent) of Canadians who continue to feel stressed and anxious.


of Canadians

continue to be stressed and anxious about COVID-19

Trust in Canadian Healthcare

Despite seeing declines in 2022, the healthcare system remains Canada’s most trusted institution. With more COVID cases leading to postponed surgeries and services, trust in the Canadian healthcare system has declined to 58 per cent in 2022, a five-point drop from last year. The most noticeable drops in trust are among older generations – those most likely to need health services during the pandemic. Trust in healthcare among Boomers dropped eight points to 62 per cent in 2022. Older Canadians (age 75+) recorded a nine-point drop, down to 69 per cent.

In general, medical doctors remain the most trusted source of reliable information at 78 per cent.


of Canadians

trust the Canadian healthcare system to operate competently and effectively

The CanTrust Study of Black Canadians: Summary of Findings

2022 Proof Strategies CanTrust Index: Summary of Findings

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