Proof Strategies M

Public Affairs

When public opinion, news cycles or government agendas impact your operation, we help manage the risks and most importantly, realize the opportunities.

Our public affairs team represents corporations, not-for-profits, regulatory groups, industry associations and others to navigate issues and impact public opinion. We bring over 25 years of proven experience in public affairs, with senior team members dedicated to serving your business needs.

Our integrated public affairs offering intersects government relations and communications, combining strategy and storytelling to drive outcomes, change opinions and achieve results for our clients.

Strategic Communications

A purpose-driven strategy is the touchstone for every integrated campaign, keeping the focus where it belongs – on your message. We ask better questions – doing the research and finding insights that help us tell the story that will resonate with your audiences. When it comes to media, our strategists are knowledgeable and deeply connected. We know where to go to make sure your story is heard by the people you want to hear it.

A Multi-Channel Approach

Moving public opinion is not about simply targeting one audience but understanding the ecosystem of influence, decision-making and public policy. Messages must work as a symphony. We know the tools and tactics that ensure your message makes an impact. Our work crosses sectors and industries and is driven by developing a deep understanding of our clients, their audiences and influencers.

Digital Advocacy and Campaigns

In today’s digital world, stakeholder groups and the public are more empowered than ever. What moves the voting public, moves the needle on government policy and decision-making. By combining our expertise with the latest digital tools, we go deeper, zeroing in on the strongest advocates for your cause. Then, we give them what they need to deliver and amplify your message. By harnessing the voices of Canadians, we help you build a clear, consistent and highly engaged movement around your message.

Trust Matters

No matter the sector, organizations succeed by building trust.

For six years, Proof Strategies has been leading the conversation on the state of trust in Canada with the Proof CanTrust index. With our extensive research, deep insights and expertise on how organizations can earn trust, keep it or build it back – we’re uniquely positioned to provide informed leadership and counsel on how to analyze trust levels and help clients sustain trust for the long term.

The Bottom Line

Public Affairs work can come to life in many forms and our team has years of experience in them all  – digital advocacy and voter mobilization, media relations, government relations, issues management, corporate and social responsibility, public consultation, community relations and strategic communications.