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Catelli Canada: The First Pasta Brand to Enter the Beauty Industry

Catelli Pasta

Consumer & Lifestyle

Recognized by families across the country, Catelli Pasta has grown to become a category leader in the Canadian market. After spotting the #MaskSnack trend on social media, Proof nimbly earned Catelli its place as the first pasta brand to successfully enter the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry. By colliding pasta and pampering, we sent trendy Canadian influencers the ultimate self-care package, inviting them to participate in the #MaskSnack trend.

Where Did We Start?

After spotting the #MaskSnack surging on social media, we brainstormed ways to insert Catelli pasta into the movement in a way that would be on-trend and on-strategy.

What Opportunity Did We Identify?

The combination of carbs and self-care was simple, and it made sense for the perfect day of pampering. Knowing it was a fun and unique idea, Catelli piggybacked on the trend to build brand awareness and excitement around Catelli pasta.

What Did We Do?

We scanned the influencer market for trendy and engaging Canadians in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry, and used our proprietary tools and processes to vet and pre-qualify each. Influencers were each sent a special kit including spa face mask treatments, boxes of delicious Catelli Smart pasta, and a personalized note about the #MaskSnack trend.

How Did We Do?

Over the course of two weeks, top influencers in the fashion and beauty space posted dozens of earned stories featuring Catelli branding and pasta boxes, with the hashtags #CatelliPasta and #MaskSnack. Influencers got creative and shared how pasta and beauty can make for the ultimate self-care moment. Garnering a reach of over 50,000, this neat and nimble program delivered enthusiastic earned content from an entirely new and influential category of influencers.

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