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CLHIA: Preventing Benefits Fraud with Hard-Hitting Education

Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association

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Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost each year to health and dental benefits fraud in Canada. Perpetrators range from sophisticated organized crime rings to individual policyholders who are simply unknowing or misinformed. But falsifying a benefits claim isn’t just “a little white lie.” It’s a criminal offence, and left unchecked, the costs of fraud will jeopardize working Canadians’ ability to access vital benefits. The Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) tasked Proof to help.

Where Did We Start?

We needed to start by understanding who was most at risk of participating in benefits fraud (knowingly or unknowingly), and their current understanding and perceptions.  Using research and analytics, we analyzed anonymized insurance claims flagged as suspicious, identified key target segments, created personas and surveyed segment-appropriate Canadians.

What Opportunities Did We Identify?

We learned that our target audiences are hardworking Canadians who may not understand that benefits fraud is a real crime.  Our messaging would need to focus on the personal consequences of fraud and be clear and forthright.

What Was The Solution?

We developed hard-hitting, bilingual creative concepts to give Canadians the unvarnished truth, deployed through a dedicated website, digital videos, social media properties, programmatic ads, paid search and a content partnership with Postmedia.

How Did We Do?

According to a Nielsen study, more than three quarters (78%) of those exposed to the digital campaign’s messaging understood that benefits fraud brings serious consequences – 46% more than those who had not seen the campaign.  The campaign’s exposure and engagement metrics exceeded all goals, over-indexing in key markets.

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