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Dell EMC: Becoming a Global Leader in Brain Health

EMC Canada



While the company is well-known amongst IT and technology professionals, they are not a household name. EMC’s leading IT solutions provide behind-the-scenes support for some of the world’s biggest companies, so we created a strategy to showcase the real-world—and world changing—applications for this technology.

Proof developed a campaign to highlight EMC Canada’s contribution to Canadian and international health sciences, growing brand awareness and bringing this back-end information technology to the forefront of a national conversation about brain health.

Where Did We Start?

EMC Canada planned a major technology donation to McGill University’s neuroscience department, providing the school with Big Data storage and analytics technology to be used to create a research-and-development known as a NeuroHub.

Recognizing the national—and international—significance of this news as an opportunity to showcase real-world applications of EMC technology, Proof developed a campaign to launch the NeuroHub and increase brand awareness in market.

Working closely with EMC and McGill University, we developed a media narrative that focused on how EMC technology helps advance human knowledge, providing researchers with the tools to make new discoveries.

Powered by EMC technology , these research innovations will have a real impact on how brain disorders are understood and treated.

What opportunities did we identify?

EMC’s solutions are back-end IT innovations for some of the biggest companies in the world. They power data-centres and mobile apps and ensure digital information is safe and secure. EMC’s technology makes sure the products and services Canadians interact with every day work, and work well.

As a behind-the-scenes IT solutions provider, EMC’s products are rarely visible. Researchers, scientists and doctors around the world will ultimately benefit from the advances that stem from the NeuroHub, but they may never know the astounding technology that made it possible.

This central insight informed our approach and led us to a strategic solution.

What was the solution?

Since EMC’s innovations are behind-the-scenes, we wanted to make them front and centre, creating a visual story that would connect EMC to real-world scientific results.

To make a strong connection between EMC technology and NeuroHub brain research, the focused on a press conference and laboratory tour at the world-renowned Montreal Neurological Institute.

Featuring speakers from EMC Canada and McGill University, the press conference brought together both media and important university stakeholders to announce the donation. Proof prepared a speech for EMC Canada’s Country Manager, framing the entire event around the long connection between technology, knowledge and human progress, highlighting the importance of technology in brain research.

After the press conference, media and stakeholders attended a laboratory tour that showcased the actual research that EMC’s innovations made possible. The tour created a strong visual narrative as journalists saw how neuroscientists leveraged EMC’s big data technology to make new discoveries.

This show and tell approach allowed us to reinforce our core narrative by demonstrating the critical research that happens every day at McGill and around the world, all powered by EMC technology.

While the press conference was the focus of the launch, coordinated English and French Proof teams in Toronto and Montreal worked to make the local event a national one. The teams coordinated interviews in real time with press from Toronto, Montreal and across Canada.

To ensure a strong social media presence, we also live-tweeted the press conference and tour, sharing images on Twitter and engaging Canadians with information about the launch.

How did we do?

The campaign was a major success. We expanded media coverage of EMC technology to reach a broad audience of mainstream readers across Canada.

The campaign generated 38 stories across the country. Stories focused on how EMC’s technology was enabling a new era in brain research, achieving our goal of bringing EMC Canada to the forefront and showcasing how their technology is changing the world.

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