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Fisher-Price: Making Life Easier for Millennial Moms


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Fisher Price

With over 80 years of legacy and experience in the market, Fisher-Price products are backed by insightful research and rigorous testing.

Fisher-Price is an innovator, delivering first-to-market, quality toys and gear that moms can trust. But with low awareness around its new innovation baby gear products and competitors offering copycat toys at lower pricing, we needed to showcase to millennial moms, why Fisher-Price was the right choice for their baby.

Where did we start?

Since our goal was to build awareness, educate and excite millennial moms about Fisher-Price innovation, from baby gear to toys, we first needed to dig deep into our consumer target and find out what’s important to her when it comes to taking care of her baby.

Working with the team at Fisher-Price, we were able to tap into their deep insights about the target. To further understand what makes a millennial mom tick, we enlisted our colleagues at Environics Research Group to identify the key social values that drove purchase decisions.

What opportunities did we identify?

Key Insight: Moms feel they never have enough time, or hands, to deal with everything that comes with a new baby. It’s hard, because mom wants the best for their children but also wants time for herself.

We needed to remind mom that Fisher-Price is a brand she can trust. That every piece of baby gear and every toy is rigorously tested to give her peace-of-mind. But also that Fisher-Price products are innovative and will grow with baby’s changing needs. That it’s almost like having a second pair of hands to help.

Using these insights we created meaningful messages that our target would believe, act on and share with her network. These narratives were woven throughout our integrated communications activities to incite action and engagement with the brand.

What was the solution?

We leveraged a multi-layered approach designed to reach Millennial Moms via timely pulses of communications activities to align with key sales periods and product launches.

The program was national in scale, with tactics that targeted media, influencers and consumers directly.

We started by building a strategic influencer network of moms-to-be and new moms. Playing off the trend of beauty boxes so popular with millennials, we surprised them with a series of Fisher-Price Grow With You Gift Boxes, offering them an innovative piece of baby gear or toy to align with each stage of their baby’s development. A strategic partnership with up and coming social media personalities Cat and Nat (The Social Common) – two moms with 7 kids under 7 – allowed us to further drive conversation in social and traditional media channels via real-time events; unboxing videos and media interviews. They provided an authentic and credible voice for the brand.

And when Fisher-Price launched BeatBo, a brand new move and groove toy sensation in time for Christmas, we delivered a fully integrated campaign, producing a digital contest video that was amplified by our influencer network, in addition to branded co-promotions and media relations.

How did we do?

We generated over 120 MM media impressions via PR and influencer efforts and built a network of real-mom influencers who tweeted, instagrammed and blogged about Fisher-Price products and how they made life easier with their children – channels frequented by our target audience of millennial moms. As well, BeatBo became a must-have Christmas gift, being named one of the season’s hottest toys by multiple outlets!

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