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Grand & Toy: Putting the B2B Consumer at the Heart of a Campaign

Grand & Toy

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Grand and Toy

Canadians know the legacy of Grand & Toy, but many still associate the brand with its former retail locations. Our challenge: promote to business owners and managers that Grand & Toy’s online destination is their best one-stop solution for their office needs.

Where Did We Start?

We saw an opportunity to help Grand & Toy stand out from the pack of other office supply retailers by focusing on their B2B potential. Whereas Grand & Toy’s competitors have traditionally focused on B2C offerings, Grand & Toy have focused on creating solutions and services designed to aid office managers and experts. It’s a truly curated and tailored experience!

What Opportunities Did We Identify?

The brand has a strong connection with office managers: anticipating their office needs as well as providing easy account management and top-notch customer service for businesses of all sizes.

We knew that office managers are forced to wear many hats in the workplace, and while the role they play is often indispensable for offices to function, their importance can sometimes be overlooked.  And since office managers are truly the unsung heroes of the workplace, we wanted to thank them and place them in the spotlight to shine.

What Was The Solution?

Our Strategy, Creative and PR teams worked together to create an approach centered around celebrating office managers as “workplace heroes” and forming an emotional link between Grand & Toy and its B2B customer base. We decided that a video with a funny yet appreciative tone would help position Grand & Toy as a brand that recognizes the unique challenges of running an office.

How Did We Do?

We promoted our 45-second video spot across social media, targeting those who either identified themselves as office managers or small business owners. We provided those users with a Lead Generation unit to help them start the path towards a relationship with Grand & Toy, making them aware of the detailed and personalized services Grand & Toy offer as a retailer.

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