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SodaStream: Encouraging Canadians to Indulge (and Hydrate) at Home

SodaStream Canada

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Everybody drinks water, so we knew this was a campaign with the potential for mass appeal. Canadians are looking for ways to be healthier, and drinking water is one of the best.

But with many not-so-good-for-you soft drink and low sugar beverage distractions, we often forget that water is the most cost effective and healthy way to get our daily water intake. Long has sparkling water been set aside for special occasions. But not anymore. Not once people know how easy it is to make sparkling water at home.

To help spread awareness of SodaStream, we focused on the idea that sparkling water feels like a bit of an indulgence, but it’s an indulgence that’s good for you. And it’s ok to be a little irresponsible, especially if it’s just water.

We developed a unique voice for Sodastream, established a brand platform and created a series of videos focusing on ways people can indulge at home, tying each scenario back to how you can hydrate more with SodaStream. We distributed this content through a robust paid media program via SodaStream’s social channels. This campaign message also ran across all of SodaStream’s properties such as their website and email communications.

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