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Government decisions can quickly impact your bottom line

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When government decisions impact your business, active representation at all levels is critical to success. How and when you communicate with government, regulators and authorities, especially in times of crisis, can dramatically affect your bottom line.

With our government relations consulting services, you can feel confident that your interests are well represented at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. Our veteran team of government relations experts and skilled communicators bring decades of political and policy-making experience. We apply our deep industry knowledge to build government relations strategies that create meaningful relationships with decision makers and influencers. When appropriate, we mobilize allies and shape public opinion regarding the issues that affect you.

Our government relations team members are located in Ottawa and Toronto, with affiliates in Calgary, Victoria and Halifax.

Government Insights & Monitoring

Successful government relations requires keeping your ear to the ground in the right circles and paying close attention to the latest developments between key players and regulatory and advisory agencies. Through our multi-partisan networks, we offer our clients in-depth analysis of the current priorities in Ottawa and provincial capitals, and the decision makers behind them, including regular updates on legislation, mandate letters and how best to prepare for the calendar ahead.

Registration & Lobbying

Influencing decisions that can affect your organization may require facetime with political or public service officials. As one of the top lobbying firms in Canada, Proof Strategies can help organize meetings with the right leaders and representatives. Just as important, we’ll gather intelligence and provide counsel about your best next move. As your government relations professionals we can also plan and coordinate lobby days at the provincial and federal levels to maximize your engagement with decision makers. At the core of our work is the strong recommendation that you form relationships before you need help. We can help keep you connected, and up to date with the specific lobbying registration requirements in each jurisdiction.

Digital Advocacy

Digital advocacy for public affairs is an effective tool for building support and motivating political decision makers to respond. Our team will work with you to build and implement a political advocacy digital strategy that drives momentum behind the issues that matter to your organization.

Coalition Building

Coalition and network building can be very effective when it comes to making your organization’s voice heard on matters of public importance. When stakeholders in the same industry or with the same interests band together behind a shared cause, they can raise the profile of the issue with policymakers and have a greater impact.

At Proof Strategies, our coalition building services help clients identify potential partners and collaboratively align their strategic messaging to advance a subject with government officials.

Committee Appearances & Legislative Receptions

If you need to appear before a government committee, submit briefs or witness statements, or host an event with government officials, preparation is the key to putting your best foot forward. The Proof Strategies government relations team offers expert counsel and assistance with committee briefs and submissions services, as well as coordinating and producing legislative receptions, panel discussions and conferences. We work collaboratively with you to customize communications and events in a way that best represents your vision and fits within your budget.

Policy Analysis & Briefs

Government policies can have a direct effect on organizations and businesses across Canada, which is why trusted analysis and briefings are so important. Stay informed with our policy brief consultancy services, including regular review of government policies and distribution of comprehensive briefs on the current status of federal and provincial political matters.

Public Opinion Research

Our strategic counsel includes knowing when and how to engage in public opinion surveys that may support your agenda. A well-timed survey is an influential instrument to share with political staff or release more widely to news media and the public. Our experienced team works with top polling companies to develop and conduct surveys that are credible and timely, helping to test messages, confirm support or measure progress.

Federal & Provincial Budget Input & Analysis

From pre-budget consultations to lock-ups for early access on budget day, we can help guide your participation and communications through the journey. Importantly, we will develop a comprehensive strategy to roll out across government and with opposition parties to maximize the potential for success. In addition to providing expert government budget analysis, our team can also advise on related points of influence such as industry partners, coalitions and news media.

The Team

What We Do

At Proof Strategies, we weave together strength and experience in government policy making, public relations, issues management, research, digital media, advertising and more. It’s how we deliver the most impact on our clients’ business objectives.

Government Relations & Public Affairs

  • Federal & Provincial Government Relations Strategies
  • Coalition Building
  • Policy Analysis
  • Government Insights & Monitoring
  • Government Consultation
  • Committee Preparation
  • Digital Advocacy

Communications Strategies

  • Earned Media
  • Speech Writing
  • Media Training
  • Op Eds

Event Coordination

  • Parliamentary Receptions
  • Industry Events
  • Panels
  • Conferences
  • Round Tables
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