Proof Strategies M

Digital Marketing

We use a strategic approach to help you engage your target audience with relevant and engaging digital content in the right place at the right time. We deliver digital solutions that inspire action to meet brand, business and audience objectives with measurable results. 

Paid media 

Well-targeted paid advertising on social media platforms is now an essential part of every digital marketer’s toolkit. Backed by data and leveraging attention-grabbing creative, our experienced paid social media agency can help you build an efficient, targeted and strategic plan that incorporates everything from Facebook to Google AdWords (and more).  Our social media ad agency playbook includes Display, Programmatic Display, Search, Social, Native, Video and Mobile ads, and we can help you find the right mix for your overall digital marketing strategy. 

Social Media Management

An award-winning social strategy goes beyond posting content to platforms; it requires research, analytics, the development and activation of content targeting your specific audience, robust community management and a deep understanding of risk management, privacy and crisis communications. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the best practices in social media and digital marketing and can help your company reach new audiences with their unique always-on, 360-approach to content. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

If you were to search for your company’s website online, would it show up on the first page of Google (or any other search engine)? If not, you’re leaving customers behind. Seventy-five per cent of people never scroll past the first page. Our team of SEO experts provide global and local SEO services that can boost your search engine rankings, whether you operate in B2C or B2B verticals. We offer website audits, SEO program design and implementation and measurement and adjustment to ensure every program is effective. 

User Experience Design  

An intuitive, streamlined, eye-catching, mobile-friendly web design is essential if you want to attract new consumers and generate positive brand recognition. It can also communicate your goals and priorities to your target audience in an effective and compelling way. Ensure your digital marketing and communication efforts support your business goals and needs by leveraging our user experience consulting services.  

Email Marketing  

Email marketing can play a pivotal role in your strategy with lead generation, brand awareness, building relationships and keeping your audience engaged. Our creative team of strategists can help you connect with your core audience by devising an automated must-open newsletter campaign that consumers share with friends. We can help ensure your audience is always in-the-known about your latest products, events, services, initiatives, and offers.